The Important People

Justine Bone

As CEO of MedSec, Justine Bone leads a company that conducts vulnerability research on medical devices and health care systems. She has also served as the CISO of Dow Jones and the CSO of Bloomberg LP, among other security posts.


Sophia d'Antoine

I'm the olympic CTF coach and we're bringing the gold back from Tokyo.


Brandon Edwards

Brandon Edwards is a hacker, Summercon attendee and occasional speaker, who works on a team hacking and hardening Linux at Capsule8. He's excited and honored to be involved in presenting this year, to be part of carrying Summercon onward through the pandemic.


Nick Freeman

Nick is part of the Capsule8 research team, where he finds new and unusual ways to misuse (and detect misuse) of Linux systems.


Benjamin Kurtz

Purveyor of offensive tools and trainings. Host of the Hack the Planet podcast, also offensive.


The Labac Collective

LaBac is a hacker collective combatting tech-enabled abuse. LaBac serves on the NYC Cyber Sexual Assault Taskforce, a city-wide initiative dedicated to fighting online sexual exploitation. The LaBac collective curates the Museum of Modern Malware at DEFCON.


David Maynor

David Maynor leads the Centurylink Black Lotus Labs Analysis team. Mr. Maynor builds relationships with key organization and intelligence partners, proactively hunting for and disrupting advanced adversaries. Mr. Maynor is an entrepreneur and technical expert with over 20 years experience in research, systems, offensive consulting, and a variety of other security related positions in the private sector.


Katie Moussouris

Katie Moussouris is the founder and CEO of, Luta Security, a company specializing in creating robust vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs. Ms. Moussouris has testified as an expert on bug bounties and the labor market for security research for the US Senate, and has also been called upon for European Parliament hearings on dual-use technology. She created Microsoft’s and the Pentagon’s first bug bounty programs. She was later invited by the US State Department to help renegotiate the Wassenaar Arrangement, during which she successfully helped change the export control language to include technical exemptions for vulnerability disclosure and incident response. She is a coauthor of an economic research paper on the labor market for bugs, published as a book chapter by MIT Press in 2017, and presented on the first system dynamics model of the vulnerability economy and exploit market in 2015, as part of her academic work as a visiting scholar at MIT Sloan School. She is also an author and co-editor of standards ISO 29147 Vulnerability disclosure and ISO 30111 Vulnerability handling processes.


Ryan Naraine

Ryan Naraine is Director, Security Stratcy at Intel Corporation and host of Security Conversations, a podcast series featuring pioneers and newsmakers in the information security industry.


Suchi Pahi

Suchi Pahi is a data privacy and cybersecurity lawyer. She was supposed to be a doctor but instead wound up in law school arguing about the CFAA. After years of cybersecurity firefighting on behalf of clients at a law firm, Suchi is currently Director of Privacy and Business Affairs at Rally Health, Inc.


Ian Roos

Security researcher at Margin Research.
Internally: screaming about security.
Externally screaming about security.
Eternal caffeine addict and literally ran out of coffee this morning.


Elizabeth Wharton

Elizabeth (Liz) Wharton is a technology-focused business and public policy attorney who has advised researchers, startups, and policymakers at the federal, state, and local level. She is the Chief of Staff at SCYTHE as well as a member of the Technology & Innovation Council with Business Executives for National Security and a member of the DEFCON CFP Review Board. In addition to serving as the former technology attorney for the World’s Busiest Airport, she also hosted the “Buzz Off with Lawyer Liz” podcast.