The Important People

Ben Gras

Ben is currently a security research intern with Cisco Systems and has been part of the systems security research group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam since 2015 where he is pursuing a PhD in mischief. Recently publicized attack research has included a reliable Rowhammer attack presented at Blackhat Europe in 2016.

Previously, he was a scientific programmer working on the Minix operating system under Andy Tannenbaum for 10 years.


Mikhail Davidov

Mikhail Davidov is a Principal Security Researcher at Duo Labs specializing in vulnerability research and reverse engineering. After spending years in the consulting bug mines and developing crash dump analysis tools for DARPA, Mikhail now helps keep software and hardware vendors accountable for their security claims. His recent published research includes an in depth analysis of OEM updaters and an EMET bypass.


More To be Announced Soon!